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May 2016

Exploring the Place Premium
2016/05/03, Bryan Caplan
Comments (0)
Victims of Communism Day
2016/05/02, Emily Skarbek
Comments (10)
Anger B&B
2016/05/02, David Henderson
Comments (8)
Japan's catastrophic yen-quake
2016/05/02, Scott Sumner
Comments (11)
What the Primaries Mean
2016/05/02, Bryan Caplan
Comments (24)
More from Lester Thurow
2016/05/01, David Henderson
Comments (3)

April 2016

The Uberization of Banking
2016/04/30, David Henderson
Comments (8)
The Real Adam Smith
2016/04/30, Emily Skarbek
Comments (1)
A new study supports The Midas Paradox
2016/04/30, Scott Sumner
Comments (6)
Zywicki on Debt
2016/04/29, David Henderson
Comments (5)
The End of Doom and Cost-Benefit Methodology
2016/04/29, Bryan Caplan
Comments (19)
Incomes, Spending, and Saving
2016/04/28, David Henderson
Comments (16)
Once again, the Fed was wrong
2016/04/28, Scott Sumner
Comments (20)
Vargas Llosa on populism and perfectionism
2016/04/28, Alberto Mingardi
Comments (2)
Global Warming, Cost-Benefit Analysis, and The End of Doom
2016/04/28, Bryan Caplan
Comments (34)
Does Tesla offer an end run around bad regulations?
2016/04/27, Scott Sumner
Comments (6)
Early American Immigrants
2016/04/27, David Henderson
Comments (4)
Two Alienated Questions
2016/04/27, Bryan Caplan
Comments (31)
Cordato on Bathrooms and State
2016/04/26, David Henderson
Comments (20)
Economic theory, but only when it's convenient
2016/04/26, Scott Sumner
Comments (19)
Hooper and Henderson on Drug Prices
2016/04/26, David Henderson
Comments (5)
Taxing the Rich: Strange Hope for Liberty
2016/04/26, Bryan Caplan
Comments (14)
Chrysler's Disgusting Ad
2016/04/25, David Henderson
Comments (30)
Education: Free Matters
2016/04/25, Bryan Caplan
Comments (3)
Market monetarism and market macroeconomics
2016/04/24, Scott Sumner
Comments (16)
Frequently Insightful but Often Misleading
2016/04/23, David Henderson
Comments (7)
Market urbanism in Houston
2016/04/23, Scott Sumner
Comments (15)
Mea Culpa on Fed and Interest Rates
2016/04/22, David Henderson
Comments (0)
The Case Against a Basic Income Guarantee
2016/04/22, David Henderson
Comments (18)
The Diction of Social Desirability Bias
2016/04/22, Bryan Caplan
Comments (25)
Keep it simple, and pay attention to the key stylized facts
2016/04/21, Scott Sumner
Comments (4)
Selgin on Money
2016/04/21, David Henderson
Comments (10)
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Behavioral Public Choice
2016/04/21, Bryan Caplan
Comments (6)
It's NGDP growth expectations that matter, not inflation expectations
2016/04/20, Scott Sumner
Comments (3)
Property Rights Create Harmony
2016/04/20, David Henderson
Comments (9)
Against Trolling
2016/04/20, Bryan Caplan
Comments (23)
What's the matter with western Virginia?
2016/04/19, Scott Sumner
Comments (11)
Student Analysis of Bernie Sanders' Economic Proposals
2016/04/19, David Henderson
Comments (12)
My Complete Bet Inventory: 2016 Edition
2016/04/19, Bryan Caplan
Comments (13)
Bill Gates: Tax Poor People More
2016/04/18, David Henderson
Comments (11)
A tale of two city-states
2016/04/17, Scott Sumner
Comments (14)
Barbara Anderson: Learning from Children's Books
2016/04/16, David Henderson
Comments (6)
Forget forecasting, let's first shoot for nowcasting
2016/04/16, Scott Sumner
Comments (7)
Lester Thurow, RIP
2016/04/15, David Henderson
Comments (6)
Adam Smith on Sincerity and Political Rhetoric
2016/04/15, Emily Skarbek
Comments (1)
How government worsened inequality by ignoring the EMH
2016/04/15, Scott Sumner
Comments (7)
The Welfare State and Taxes Are Bad, Mmkay
2016/04/15, Bryan Caplan
Comments (6)
Milton Friedman on Segregation
2016/04/14, David Henderson
Comments (8)
Biased Behavioral Econ
2016/04/14, Bryan Caplan
Comments (18)
Barbara Anderson, RIP
2016/04/14, Scott Sumner
Comments (3)
Robert Frank Fails to Connect the Dots
2016/04/13, David Henderson
Comments (18)
Please don't pay me to research tax loopholes
2016/04/13, Scott Sumner
Comments (19)
2016/04/13, David Henderson
Comments (10)
Updated Bet Inventory Bleg
2016/04/13, Bryan Caplan
Comments (1)
The "cost" of sloppy thinking
2016/04/12, Scott Sumner
Comments (14)
Inform Me
2016/04/12, Bryan Caplan
Comments (44)
Message to Michael: There's No Tooth Fairy
2016/04/11, David Henderson
Comments (25)
David Beckworth has a new podcast series
2016/04/11, Scott Sumner
Comments (5)
School Is to Submit: My Critique
2016/04/11, Bryan Caplan
Comments (15)
Don't Let the IRS Ruin Your Day
2016/04/10, David Henderson
Comments (5)
Does President Obama have wealth stashed away in one of the world's most secretive tax havens?
2016/04/10, Scott Sumner
Comments (5)
The politics of Batman vs Superman
2016/04/09, Alberto Mingardi
Comments (5)
Ungag Expertise
2016/04/08, Bryan Caplan
Comments (11)
Hummel on Lowenstein and the Fed
2016/04/07, David Henderson
Comments (5)
How to tell if you are a modern progressive
2016/04/07, Scott Sumner
Comments (25)
Nationalists are not utilitarians
2016/04/07, Scott Sumner
Comments (16)
Autism and the iPad
2016/04/07, Alberto Mingardi
Comments (2)
Naik on Credentialism and Immigration
2016/04/07, Bryan Caplan
Comments (2)
Implicit Advice from a Nine-Year Old
2016/04/06, David Henderson
Comments (8)
The First Great Moderation
2016/04/06, Scott Sumner
Comments (5)
Approaching Infinity by Michael Huemer
2016/04/06, Bryan Caplan
Comments (10)
Boudreaux on Prosperity Pools
2016/04/05, David Henderson
Comments (4)
Vietnam War Draft Resistance: Huemer Worked
2016/04/05, Bryan Caplan
Comments (8)
Grossman on NGDP shocks as policy indicators
2016/04/04, Scott Sumner
Comments (5)
Does Science Need Common Sense?
2016/04/04, Bryan Caplan
Comments (22)
Take That, Madame Secretary
2016/04/03, David Henderson
Comments (12)
Extreme outliers: How meaningful are they?
2016/04/02, Scott Sumner
Comments (18)
Buyer Licencing of Illegal Drugs
2016/04/02, Emily Skarbek
Comments (7)
"Visible people" in human history
2016/04/02, Alberto Mingardi
Comments (3)
What's so Great about Free Trade? Lots
2016/04/01, David Henderson
Comments (15)
Two Terror Graphs
2016/04/01, Bryan Caplan
Comments (34)

March 2016

The Devastating $15 Minimum Wage: Don't "Experiment" on Non-Volunteers
2016/03/31, David Henderson
Comments (20)
Lake Wobegon Keynesians
2016/03/31, Scott Sumner
Comments (14)
The Case Against Education: Forthcoming from Princeton University Press
2016/03/31, Bryan Caplan
Comments (2)
So Far: My Response on Unfriendly AI
2016/03/30, Bryan Caplan
Comments (19)
Obamacare Spent A Lot to Get More Coverage
2016/03/29, David Henderson
Comments (11)
A little bit pregnant
2016/03/29, Scott Sumner
Comments (20)
Booth on the ethics of economic preaching
2016/03/29, Alberto Mingardi
Comments (5)
So Far: Unfriendly AI Edition
2016/03/29, Bryan Caplan
Comments (8)
Unintended, but Predictable, Consequence #262
2016/03/28, David Henderson
Comments (19)
Bernanke on monetary policy options
2016/03/27, Scott Sumner
Comments (12)
To Address the Top One Percent, Allow Competition
2016/03/27, David Henderson
Comments (13)
Saturday Afternoon Video
2016/03/26, David Henderson
Comments (0)
Tibor Machan RIP
2016/03/25, David Henderson
Comments (8)
Don't try to normalize interest rates
2016/03/25, Scott Sumner
Comments (7)
So Far
2016/03/25, Bryan Caplan
Comments (31)
Does anything matter? (And what would Pascal do?)
2016/03/24, Scott Sumner
Comments (27)
Live Below Your Means
2016/03/24, David Henderson
Comments (10)
Kudos to Obama
2016/03/23, David Henderson
Comments (9)
Liberty Mutual: Pay More Now Instead of Later
2016/03/23, David Henderson
Comments (14)
Get a Compound
2016/03/23, Bryan Caplan
Comments (32)
Henry Ford versus Henry Royce
2016/03/22, David Henderson
Comments (6)
Don't root for (or against) countries, policies, models, etc.
2016/03/22, Scott Sumner
Comments (8)
Piketty on Top Marginal Tax Rates
2016/03/21, David Henderson
Comments (6)
Borjas Concludes that Male Illegal Aliens Come Here to Work
2016/03/21, David Henderson
Comments (8)
My Simplistic Theory of Left and Right, 2016 Edition
2016/03/21, Bryan Caplan
Comments (35)
Is economics more "scientific" than science?
2016/03/20, Scott Sumner
Comments (14)
GDP Deflator vs. Consumer Price Index
2016/03/20, David Henderson
Comments (13)
Socialism is harder than it looks
2016/03/18, Scott Sumner
Comments (38)
The Freedom-Loving Case for Open Borders
2016/03/18, Bryan Caplan
Comments (25)
Celebrating Immigration
2016/03/17, Emily Skarbek
Comments (3)
Kocherlakota on the inflation outlook
2016/03/17, Scott Sumner
Comments (6)
Retroactive Krikorianism
2016/03/17, Bryan Caplan
Comments (41)
Switzerland's Vollgeld Initiative
2016/03/16, Scott Sumner
Comments (14)
The Glorious Lasting Accidental Liberalization
2016/03/16, Bryan Caplan
Comments (4)
Where Did the $110 Billion Go?
2016/03/15, David Henderson
Comments (13)
How Open Borders Will Win, If It Wins
2016/03/15, Bryan Caplan
Comments (10)
The media's blind spot: Negative IOR
2016/03/15, Scott Sumner
Comments (6)
Herbert H Posen and Franklin D Blanchard
2016/03/14, David Henderson
Comments (9)
Two dubious ideas
2016/03/14, Scott Sumner
Comments (9)
The Microaggressions of Immigration
2016/03/14, Bryan Caplan
Comments (32)
Kudos to Brad DeLong
2016/03/13, David Henderson
Comments (11)
Why don't we see big NGDP crashes any longer?
2016/03/13, Scott Sumner
Comments (8)
Obama Pulls a Cheney
2016/03/13, David Henderson
Comments (18)
Innovative bureaucracies?
2016/03/12, Alberto Mingardi
Comments (2)
Academic Conservatives and Survivor Bias
2016/03/11, David Henderson
Comments (13)
Jerry Taylor's Sleight of Hand on Freedom of Association
2016/03/10, David Henderson
Comments (31)
The year of thinking dangerously
2016/03/10, Scott Sumner
Comments (36)
Playing the Trump card: Why do economists enjoy trashing their profession?
2016/03/09, Scott Sumner
Comments (41)
RIP Sergio Ricossa, lonely voice for freedom in Italian academia
2016/03/09, Alberto Mingardi
Comments (2)
From the Archives: Knight on Robbins (1934)
2016/03/08, Emily Skarbek
Comments (1)
Trade with China Reduced Domestic Inequality
2016/03/08, David Henderson
Comments (5)
How Reforms Have Made Donald Trump Possible
2016/03/07, David Henderson
Comments (4)
The Emperor repeatedly forgets his clothes
2016/03/07, Scott Sumner
Comments (17)
Hammock on the Chicken Tax and Other Tariffs
2016/03/07, David Henderson
Comments (5)
Libertarianism Against the Welfare State: A Refresher
2016/03/07, Bryan Caplan
Comments (46)
Krugman's confusing argument for more infrastructure spending
2016/03/05, Scott Sumner
Comments (18)
Kleiman on Trade and Taxes
2016/03/05, David Henderson
Comments (27)
Is China trade inflationary?
2016/03/04, Scott Sumner
Comments (10)
Banning the Benjamin Would Reduce Freedom
2016/03/04, David Henderson
Comments (2)
Larry Summers's Anti-Trump Case In a Vacuum
2016/03/03, David Henderson
Comments (18)
Warren Buffett, out of sample
2016/03/02, Scott Sumner
Comments (29)
Wishful Thinking and Unintended Consequences
2016/03/01, David Henderson
Comments (3)
Myth of the Rational Voter 2016
2016/03/01, Bryan Caplan
Comments (23)

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Scott Sumner [2016/05/03 10:03 AM, Japan's catastrophic yen-quake]:
August, You said: "I do think you imagine it would be better if the value...

August Hurtel [2016/05/03 09:48 AM, Japan's catastrophic yen-quake]:
More dead? More radiated? Just one more sad puppy getting kicked? Man, the...

Nathan W [2016/05/03 07:23 AM, Victims of Communism Day]:
Maybe being ruled by generals was relevant? When will the USA start cou...

Todd Kreider [2016/05/03 05:53 AM, Japan's catastrophic yen-quake]:
"Then, when it became clear the worst case of nuclear disaster would not o...

Richard O. Hammer [2016/05/03 05:52 AM, Victims of Communism Day]:
Blackbeard wrote:The question that fascinates and baffles me is why do so m...

ilya [2016/05/03 05:19 AM, Victims of Communism Day]:
The question that fascinates and baffles me is why do so many people still...

john hare [2016/05/03 04:58 AM, Victims of Communism Day]:
What is the hypnotic allure of socialism ? A very high percentage of peopl...

Richard O. Hammer [2016/05/03 03:35 AM, Victims of Communism Day]:
Pajser writes:Intellectually honest approach should apply consistent criter...

HL [2016/05/03 02:22 AM, Japan's catastrophic yen-quake]:
I think it is a real factor for Japan because they haven't wrapped up the T...

blink [2016/05/03 01:13 AM, What the Primaries Mean]:
Even odds, Bryan? Come on! If the betting markets are giving Trump 20%, y...

John S [2016/05/03 12:35 AM, What the Primaries Mean]:
Once Trump locks up the GOP nomination with a win in Indiana (probability: ...

Dean [2016/05/02 10:27 PM, Japan's catastrophic yen-quake]:
For the record, the earthquake/tsunami was on March 11, not March 7....

E. Harding [2016/05/02 09:49 PM, What the Primaries Mean]:
"By this point, he should have won several states with more than 50% of the...

Pajser [2016/05/02 09:44 PM, Victims of Communism Day]:
I think commemorating victims of the advocates of various ideologies is sen...

Roger McKinney [2016/05/02 08:47 PM, Victims of Communism Day]:
I think The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Rel...

Roger McKinney [2016/05/02 08:35 PM, The Uberization of Banking]:
SoFi’s model isn’t that different from what the investment banks were doing...

Andrew_FL [2016/05/02 07:28 PM, What the Primaries Mean]:
@Jon Murphy-I would suggest the fact that the population of people who vote...

Richard O. Hammer [2016/05/02 07:23 PM, Victims of Communism Day]:
Thank you. I am heartened to see that I have fellow travelers, getting cove...

Gene [2016/05/02 06:29 PM, Victims of Communism Day]:
One problem with current discussions of socialism is the typical reference,...

Blackbeard [2016/05/02 05:46 PM, Victims of Communism Day]:
The question that fascinates and baffles me is why do so many people still ...

Glenn [2016/05/02 05:46 PM, What the Primaries Mean]:
Each of his victories has confirmed his unexpectedly strong appeal to polit...

LD Bottorff [2016/05/02 05:23 PM, What the Primaries Mean]:
Enviable record? By this point, he should have won several states with more...

August Hurtel [2016/05/02 04:46 PM, Japan's catastrophic yen-quake]:
No, I don't think you are recommending a bailout. I do think you imagine i...

David R. Henderson [2016/05/02 04:45 PM, Anger B&B]:
@Jon Murphy, Ah, capital constraint. I get it. BTW, though, the right way i...

Jon Murphy [2016/05/02 04:39 PM, What the Primaries Mean]:
Trump has an enviable track record in the Republican primaries. But hardly...

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Japan's catastrophic yen-quake [Comments (11) ]:
    Todd Kreider: "Then, when it became clear the worst case of nuclear disaster would not o...
    August Hurtel: More dead? More radiated? Just one more sad puppy getting kicked? Man, the...
    Scott Sumner: August, You said: "I do think you imagine it would be better if the value...

Victims of Communism Day [Comments (10) ]:
    ilya: The question that fascinates and baffles me is why do so many people still...
    Richard O. Hammer: Blackbeard wrote:The question that fascinates and baffles me is why do so m...
    Nathan W: Maybe being ruled by generals was relevant? When will the USA start cou...

What the Primaries Mean [Comments (24) ]:
    E. Harding: "By this point, he should have won several states with more than 50% of the...
    John S: Once Trump locks up the GOP nomination with a win in Indiana (probability: ...
    blink: Even odds, Bryan? Come on! If the betting markets are giving Trump 20%, y...

The Uberization of Banking [Comments (8) ]:
    Richard O. Hammer: Thank you for this news of a shining spot of hope. I've been wondering ho...
    Roger McKinney: I would check with Julien Noizet at first. He has wr...
    Roger McKinney: SoFi’s model isn’t that different from what the investment banks were doing...

Anger B&B [Comments (8) ]:
    David R. Henderson: @Jon Murphy, The mere face something has positive net benefits is not enoug...
    Jon Murphy: Prof. Henderson: What I am thinking with my comment is ROI. So, let's say...
    David R. Henderson: @Jon Murphy, Ah, capital constraint. I get it. BTW, though, the right way i...

A new study supports The Midas Paradox [Comments (6) ]:
    Andrew_FL: Some of what Mr. Cole has said about Thailand is apparently correct. A 2014...
    Ryan Murphy: Isn't part of the idea that the mechanism the Keynesians describe implies t...
    ThaomasH: Up until now I had analysed the New Deal as part (inadequate) monetary stim...

The End of Doom and Cost-Benefit Methodology [Comments (19) ]:
    Josiah: @MikeL, The argument is based on climate risk being fat tailed, not on wh...
    Andrew_FL: @Josiah- I don't either, but I was more outlining my understanding of Baile...
    Daublin: Here's another counter-point I would add. Human knowledge is in large part ...

More from Lester Thurow [Comments (3) ]:
    Andrew_FL: "Thus a regulation designed to protect one group is apt to hurt another gro...
    ThaomasH: Thurow's examples are good ones of how bad regulation (regulations that cou...
    Trevor H: I have long thought that much regulation was simply the government as the o...

The Real Adam Smith [Comments (1) ]:
    Roger Brown: Thanks for the kind words. I was very glad to see that your takeaways refle...

Once again, the Fed was wrong [Comments (20) ]:
    Andrew_FL: Tyler, ThaomasH, you're both stuck on the same fundamental fallacy. The onl...
    Andrew_FL: "But it is alarming to see that after we have gone through the process of d...
    ChrisA: On the low rate of monetary expansion depressing real growth - I agree that...

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