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Growth and Anti-Americanism

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Marian L. Tupy writes,

If I am correct, then at least some of the roots of contemporary anti-Americanism rest on a deep misunderstanding concerning the functioning of international economics. Contrary to common misconception, the reasons for global economic inequality rest on a local level. They include the lack of rule of law, lack of respect for private property, economic collectivism, corruption and war...The difficulty rests in ascertaining how to address decades of misinformation regarding international economics. Perhaps the most obvious first step is for the US to stop subsidizing regimes which treat foreign aid as an entitlement and a matter of justice.

for Discussion. Noting that a number of terrorists were on the dole, columnist Mickey Kaus once asked "Does Welfare Cause Terrorism?"

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Lorenzo Dei Medici writes:

Stating a normative postition as if it is a positive one doesn't make a convincing argument.

There are a lot of coherent and well supported arguments that can be made as to the reasons for global economic inequality.

David Thomson writes:

Welfare benefits inadvertently do indeed fund terrorism. Very few human beings know what to do with themselves if they aren't holding a regular job. Those intellectuals and artists who would devote all of this extra free time to productive ends are extremely rare creatures. Alas, most folks will soon go to hell in a hand basket. The worse thing for any immigrant group is to sit around all day feeling sorry for themselves. A vacuum has been created---and the odds are high that evil ideologists will be happy to take full advantage of the situation.

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