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I Wish Tiebout Could See This

The Political Economy of Wishf... All's Fair in Politics...
by Michael Munger
Guest Blogger
"Tiebout sorting", named after Charles Tiebout (1924-1968) is one of the ways that public economists have described the effects of differences in levels of public expenditure and variations in policy in a federal system. The essence of the model is the claim that people will move to find their optimal mix of goods and amenities.

But who would have expected this?

South Carolina is becoming a magnet for conservative Christian religious groups.

New Hampshire may be the Tiebout equilibrium destination for Libertarians.

Does this mean I have to move to Munger Place?

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Lawrance George Lux writes:

No, it simply means that SC will be the site for the first American Religiious War, like it was the site of insurrection for the Civil War. lgl

Mike Munger writes:

Yeah, it didn't go that well last time. But Fort Sumter is not far out in the harbor. And with modern artillery, they could really blow the hell out of Fort Sumter this time.

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