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My colleague Robin Hanson has schooled me in the ABCs of the Men's Rights Movement. Bottom line: There are a lot of things that a lot of men could reasonably complain about, but don't, because they would be greeted with derision rather than sympathy. Here is a striking example from Kingsley Browne's Divided Labours: An Evolutionary View of Women at Work:

On average, jobs held by women are rated as slightly higher in status than jobs held by men, because, although men hold the highest-status jobs, they also hold the lowest ones. Moreover, although women hold many of the lowest-paying jobs, men have a virtual monopoly on the least attractive jobs. Warren Farrell has pointed out that twenty-four of the twenty-five "worst" jobs as rated in The Jobs Rated Alamanac (judged on a combination of salary, stress, work environment, outlook, security, and physical demands) were 95 to 100 percent male; the twenty-fifth job was equally male and female.

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Lawrance George Lux writes:

Husbands also enjoy a Job stress which increases markedly with claims of 'Battered Men'. Only old bachelors like I can make such charges, and receive the automatic response of 'having no verifiable claim'. lgl

This is, of course, more evidence for Larry Summers being correct about math aptitudes.

Steve Miller writes:

I must ask, why is the "average" job a meaningful basis for comparison? How do the median jobs of men and women compare?

Saxdrop writes:

Just out of curiosity, what are some of those 25 worst jobs? Hopefully mine's not one of them!

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