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Speaking of Bubbles

Bubble Talk... Health Care Waste, Continued...

The bubble in economics blogs continues to inflate. One of the newer entrants is Freakonomics, from Steve Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.

I am becoming more and more dependent on William Parke's Economics Roundtable. At some point, the number of hours of interesting material to read there is going to increase the number of waking hours I have available.

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Lawrance George Lux writes:

I too am developing an addiction to the Economic Roundtable.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT(All to save Sleep):

i) ignore all entrys Bristish in origin, unless they concern the American Current Accounts deficit.
2) Abandon all Links inside Enties, unless deemed a matter of Life and Death. lgl

Edge writes:

I think it's about time for the next big thing.

Blogs have not yet evolved to a level where content can be organized nearly as well as it was organized in earlier messaging formats. Blogs gave publishing power to individuals, but that eroded capabilities from earlier generations both of publishing and messaging. Someone really ought to figure out how to integrate all of this stuff better.

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