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Libertarians and Blogging

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Warren Meyer answers the question of why so many libertarians blog.

Finally, since libertarianism is really about celebrating dynamism and going in a thousand different directions as each individual chooses, in some sense the Internet and blogging are not only useful tools for us libertarians, but in and of themselves are inherently libertarian vehicles. Certainly libertarian hero F. A. Hayek would recognize the chaos of the Internet and the blogosphere immediately. For a good libertarian, chaos is beautiful, and certainly the blogosphere qualifies as chaotic. The Internet today is perhaps the single most libertarian institution on the planet. It is utterly without heirarchy, being essentially just one layer deep and a billion URL's wide. Even those who try to impose order, such as Google, do so with no mandate beyond their utility to individual users.

As Marshall McLuhan put it, "The medium is the message."

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Roger McKinney writes:

Trying to discern the motives of other people is a dangerous task. Nevertheless, I think a lot of libertarians blog because they don't hear their ideas being promoted elsewhere. If you visit the blog for the Mises Institute, you'll find a lot of anti-government hatred, worse than anything you'll hear from the French or left-wing organizations. Anthing anti-government/anti-war seems to stir them into a frenzy. To keep from feeling isolated, they have to talk to each other. That's a shame because they have great ideas on economics. Their crazy anti-war and anti-government at all costs ideas will keep their economic ones out of the mainstream up discussion.

Dennis Spain writes:

Roger McKinney: "Their crazy anti-war and anti-government at all costs ideas will keep their economic ones out of the mainstream discussion."

Why "crazy"?

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