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Today I had a debate (well, more of an amiable public dialogue) with Alex Tabarrok at the Wall Street Journal's Econoblog. The topic: Non-Levitt freakonomics. Check it out here.

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The author at Financial Rounds in a related article titled Alex Tabarrok and Bryan Kaplan Get Freaky writes:
    The latest Wall Street Journal Econoblog features Alex Tabarrok and Bryan Kaplan from Geroge Mason University's Economics Department. They apply economic reasoning to the decision of presidents to go to war, hidden fees in car rentals, and a novel id... [Tracked on June 29, 2005 9:46 AM]
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Roger McKinney writes:

Has economics been reduced to Freakonomics because so few people take it seriously, and do so few people take it seriously because mainstream economics has so little good advice on the more importants issues?

Mcwop writes:

The car rental piece was interesting. I have noticed the follwing on some car rental sites:

When you enter coupons (e.g. AMEX Rewards) the regular rental rate is increased, so that the savings is limited. It was cheaper for me not to redeem car rental points on Thrifty recently.

Bernard Yomtov writes:


My experience with car rental coupons is that they are worthless. Either they only apply to "regular" (inflated) rates - your experience - or they are so tied up with restrictions, blackout dates, "not all locations," etc. that taking advantage of them is not worth the effort. Not unlike many rebates.

I guess the idea is to get you to call the company and then not want to bother calling another one, though I wonder how well this works with Internet reservations.

Jason Ligon writes:

I was wondering about the car rental piece. Do you think most car rentals come about as a result of business travel, and consequently the governing factor is the corporate preferred provider list rather than the price? That is my experience, but I'm not sure how universal it is. We have a list of three preferred providers, and everyone winds up using Hertz at every opportunity because of some combination of Never Lost GPS systems and customer service. Price doesn't factor in.

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