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Which Doctors Should You Fear?

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Some doctors keep abreast of the latest medical research. Others keep practicing the medicine they learned thirty years ago. We should all prefer the first kind, right? An interesting post by Russ Roberts on the accuracy of medical research has made me think again.

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Bruce Cleaver writes:

From the Cafe Hayek article:

"Study Finds One-third of Medical Studies are Wrong"

Perhaps the study itself has a 1/3 chance at being wrong....

Daniel Lurker writes:

Wouldn't this imply that you should find a well informed Bayesian physician? The additional information from new studies can't be totally useless (even with such a high error rate), especially if the literature is well-developed, as seems to be the case with most conditions. Even studies of specific treatments seem to be replicated several times.

Dewey Munson writes:

1, Find a doctor who will confirm that you are sick. (80% of "sick" are imaginary)

2. Go to a hospital with a broad medical staff who talk to each other and therefore have access to maximum knowledge in the least time. and facilities for confirmation.

Michael H. writes:

Why would you think the studies of 30 years ago were any better than those of today?

Mr. Econotarian writes:

The doctor to see is the one who directs your medical treatment based on your results, not just study results. The differences between individual response to many drug treatments are significant.

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