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Eureka! I've been wanting to blog on my renewed love of the Hero System role-playing game for a while, but only five minutes ago did I find a solid econ segue way. In the spirit of Tyler Cowen's "Markets in Everything" series, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is now making the following offer:

The CBLDF exists to fight censorship and defend the first amendment rights of comic book professionals throughout the United States. In the past five years, the CBLDF has raised over $200,000 to pay expenses related to defending freedom of speech and expression, and the battle continues. In exchange for your donation, Darren will name a supporting character, a location in Millennium City or even a superhero (or villain) after you! Your name can be immortalized forever in the annals of the Champions Universe. Your friends' heads will explode in jealousy!

For a $10 donation, we'll name either a supporting character or a minor location after you. For $20, we'll name either a major villain, supporting hero or major location after you...

I think I'd rather buy a book than my name in a book, but if anyone can't think of a birthday present for me, I wouldn't mind being immortalized as a major villain in the Champions Universe.

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asg writes:

You found an econ segway? How fast is it? I always thought Segways were very econ-oriented... they're self-correcting, after all.

Or did you mean segue? ;)

triticale writes:

I'm not indisposed to donating to the CBLDF, but I got into one of Mercedes Lackey's novels as a minor character (under a variant of my true name) for free.

Bryan Caplan writes:

Thanks asg.

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