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Who Hates Muslims the Most?

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Another interesting result from Pew's "Islamic Extremism" survey: Americans are, compared to other Western countries, pro-Muslim! Only 22% of Americans surveyed admit to unfavorable views of Muslims. I suspect that many people who hate Muslims won't admit it, but the fact that they are reluctant to admit it itself indicates the direction of social pressure.

So where are people most willing to openly declare their unfavorable attitudes towards Muslims? The Netherlands. Fraction who regard Muslims unfavorably: 51%.

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Scott Scheule writes:

My answer to your titular question was going to be: "Jesus" but I thought that would be in poor taste.

Brad Hutchings writes:

Three words Bryan: Theo van Gogh.

Russell Wardlow writes:

Not only Van Gogh. His murder was the proverbial camel-felling straw, but I've heard snippets from Nederlandese folk who've said they've felt like hostages in their own country for a number of years now.

Another interesting piece of info: the white supremicist/nazi web forum called Stormfront conducted an online poll recently of where its members are located. In Europe, the Netherlands came in second with something like 4200 members. They were only beaten by Britain with around 4500, IIRC. Taking into account the population difference, they would win hands down on a per capita basis.

This is one of those handy examples for European leaders to take note of (along with the Le Pen near-victory in France a few years back): when you outlaw as uncivilized certain topics of discussion, such as the problems associated with multiculturism or immigration, you push people who might not otherwise associate with unsavory types into some weird associations.

Andrew Marx writes:

My understanding is that Muslim immigrant populations tend be less assimilated in Europe than in the United States. My guess is that American views are more favorable because we all interact more. I'd also surmise that the prevalence of insular Muslim communities in Europe helps radicalism to fester. That can't be good for public relations!

Steve Sailer writes:

The reason Americans like Muslims more than Europeans do is because there are fewer Muslims in America than in Europe.

We always hear that the solution for ethnic animosity is for people of different groups to spend more time together, but the empirical record suggests that's often the 180 degree wrong answer. The reality is that this common answer is typically provided by people who want government jobs "managing diversity" -- the more ethnic hostility there is, the more jobs for them.

AndrewPundit writes:

Steve S is exactly right.

I live in urban SoCal, I eat Middle Eastern food all the time, & I don't know a single Muslim!

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