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Boudreaux Blog on Bloom Beats my Brains

Future of Health Insurance... Salvaging Secularization...

Reacting to a piece by Paul Bloom in the Atlantic Monthly, Don Boudreaux writes

not only are we genetically predisposed to infer the existence of a supernatural designer of our physical world (or a supernatural bully, depending), but we’re also genetically predisposed to infer imaginary goals and desires operating in the social world. That is, we’re too likely to anthropomorphize institutions such as “the market” or “the nation” or “the people.”

Read the whole thing. Then, on Monday, read my essay on TCS, and weep. Because Don completely scooped me. Drat those bloggers!

UPDATE: here is the the essay on why people hate economics.

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Matthew Cromer writes:

At some point, doesn't the notion that every characteristic of human beings is "genetically predispositioned" become a meaningless tautology?

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