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The Beauty of Marginalism

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HBO's new series Rome cost $100 M to make, and its ratings are about one-fourth of The Sopranos'. But it's getting renewed anyway. Bad business? No, it looks like good old-fashioned marginalism and avoidance of the sunk-cost fallacy. According to

"Rome" cost a reported $100 million for its first, 12-episode season, reported.The cost of the second 12-episode season will probably cost less, however, since the detailed sets at Rome's Cinecitta Studios are already in place.

Now if only HBO could save Arrested Development...

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cameron writes:

hmmm, AD on HBO, that would be just crazy enough to work.

Unfortantly Network execs are a jelous bunch. Rarly do they let a show go to the right station. They would rather bury the show and move on then release it to people that know what to do with it.

Chris Bolts writes:

It's funny how businesses would rather bleed to death than admit that their project(s) are a failure. I see this same mentality with Democrats over their "cherished" social programs.

William Woodruff writes:


Let us be honest we ourselves.

The Democrats do not have a monopoly on " ......death than admit that their project(s) are a failure...."

Tino writes:

Hmmm do they take into account the fact that Pay-Per view makes it possible for people to watch Rome whenever they want? Maybe I am the only one.

Nor do they mention The Wire, perhaps better than even the Sopranos. Rumor has even Gary Becker watches the Wire...

Freeman writes:

If only they'd been willing to chase the investment of Carnivale. I'm not sure I can ever forgive HBO for cancelling that.

Then again, I remain an avid Twin Peaks fan, so maybe I just have a thing for Michael Anderson. :-)

Phil writes:

They are avoiding the sunk cost fallacy? Isn't part of the fallacy wrongly continuing with something because so much has already been invested in it?

p.s. Is "the Wire" still on? I saw the first season, that show was awesome.

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