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EconLog is undergoing a minor design change this weekend, coupled with some improvements to function. Service should not be disrupted, but we request your patience if there are minor delays or reformats while the crossover is in process.

We hope you enjoy the new design. New features include improved Author Archives (click the author pics), "Technorati Links" (links to each article found by Technorati.com's search engine of blogs, complementing Trackbacks), a listing of Econlib's current economics articles and books on the EconLog Main page, plus more to come.


[2005/12/20 Addendum: The initial phase of the redesign is now complete. We're pleased that no major disruptions to content or service were reported. A few changes and improvements will follow in the next few weeks, but there should be no risk of slowdowns or disruptions while the final adjustments take place. We're leaving the comment section open because we've been receiving excellent comments and suggestions. Please feel free to chime in! We're listening, and this is a great time to voice your suggestions, concerns, or approval.]

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Zoolander writes:

Hopefully the redesign includes less doofy pictures of our fearless bloggers.

It wasn't in the immediate plan, but I'll suggest it.

James writes:

Does anyone else like the new look? I fail to see how it's an improvement.

John P. writes:

I like the new look of the main page, but I have a problem with the comments window: the comments are hard to read because (at least with my browser) the text is jammed up against the lefthand side of the window. Is this a universal problem, and if so, can it be remedied?

Also, I think Arnold's picture is just fine. Bryan's picture is inoffensive, but it would be nice to have something of him that's a bit more like a portrait and less like a mug shot.

Hi, JohnP.

I only did the comments windows this morning. Could you try clearing your cache and refreshing your browser for one of those windows?

If the problem is still ongoing, can you tell me which platform (Mac, PC) and browser (IE, Firefox, etc.) you use?

I'm still fine-tuning the comments and a few other matters this week, so this is a great time for me to address any glitches.

Paul N writes:

I second the motion for Bryan to get some Glamour Shots or something.

The comments font is a bit tiny on my screen.

Hi, Paul N.

The comments font is a bit tiny on my screen.

Tinier than previously?

I don't think the font size or selection of fonts has changed for the comments, though I'm considering some minor changes. I guess making the comment font smaller is not the way to go!

One goal is to create a visual distinction to distinguish between comments, main entries, and internal quotes. Unfortunately, different browser and hardware combinations produce different results. Nevertheless, making life harder for our loyal, active readership is definitely not a goal! Thanks for your observations. Any more?

John P. writes:

Lauren -- My comments margin is good now. Thanks.

Bryan's pic has now been updated. We hope it looks less like a mug shot and more fearless. No comment on whether or not it achieves a high glamor rating!

John P. writes:

I like Bryan's new picture. I don't suppose there's a way to remove the moire pattern from Arnold's?

Hi, John P.

I don't see the moire you're experiencing, but I'll take a look on some other hardware at some point. Good that you think Bryan's is an improvement!

Paul N writes:

Bryan's new pic is much better! The best way to select which pic to show is to put each on hotornot.com and see which scores the highest.

John P. writes:

I don't know what you did, but both pictures look great today.

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