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You're All Winners

The Disease it Purports to Cur... A License to Sing?...

Thanks so much to everyone who suggested titles for my book. I'll be mulling this over for a while, but my readers will be the first to know once I've made up my mind.

P.S. Despite the title, I am not taking everyone who wrote comments to Morton's. :-)

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Scott Scheule writes:

David Friedman's going to get the free lunch.

I know, because that's who I would pick.

T.R. Elliott writes:

Oh be honest. I'm a loser.

Chris writes:

Damn, I was looking forward to you flying to Chicago so I could have that - oh so allusive - free lunch.

Ivan Kirigin writes:

One of my favourite way of phrasing things:
"You're all winners ... but in a second, more accurate, sense you're losers"

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