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A Deserved Correction?

Shocked by the Gender Gap... Waiting for Atlas...

Will Wilkinson denies that I was the only defender of desert at a recent Liberty Fund conference. Hmm. I seem to remember that one participant asked for a show of hands of all defenders of desert, and only mine went up, but my memory is going...

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Will Wilkinson writes:

Like I said in my blog post, I intrerpeted the question as about our willingness to defend the market on desert ground on Olsaretti's terms. That is, no one was willing to justify different positions in the income distribution in terms of differences in desert. (Most of us thought positions in the inome distribution don't need justifying at all.) Which is a whole other animal from being unwilling to defend desert, or defend the market in terms of desert.

Robert Speirs writes:

Fine. But now who will defend dessert? Is it a moral duty or a luxury?

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