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Bryan gets a Blurb

"Summers!" "Superintendant Ch... May Day Mourning...

Greg Mankiw writes

Caplan offers readers a delightful mixture of economics, political science, psychology, philosophy, and history to resolve a puzzle that, at one time or another, has intrigued every student of public policy. (Bryan: You can use that as a blurb!)

Greg is referring to the untitled masterpiece.

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The author at Innovation Online in a related article titled Power Corrupts - Thankfully writes:
    Greg Mankiw quotes from Bryan Caplan's new book. Before studying public opinion, many wonder why democracy does not work better. After one becomes familiar with the public's systematic biases, however, one is struck by the opposite question: Why isn't ... [Tracked on May 1, 2006 3:20 PM]
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Brian writes:

Sorry I missed the "name this book" contest. I read and enjoyed the excerpt and came up with this:

I'm with Stupid: Why People Make Bad Choices for the Country They Love.

But I had to say it aloud.

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