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Tom Cruise got parodied on the season finale of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Why is he the only celebrity who is supposed to have a Ph.D. in a subject to have an opinion about it? I'd like to see an L&O episode mocking Bono's views on economic development, but I won't hold my breath.

If you saw the finale, I would have testified for prosecution, not the defense.

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Student writes:

You mean like Philosophy, Byran? Zing!!!
I wonder when your L&O episode is comming up.

que: "No, wait, that's different..."

Dave Meleney writes:

Wow! the article you link to: "The Economics of Szasz: Preferences, Constraints, and Mental Illness" applies reams of common sense to the most contentious areas of Szasz's scholarship. Any chance you'll do a book with him?

James writes:

Student: I believe Bryan's point isn't that one needs or doesn't need a doctorate to be credible. It's that one should be consistent in applying either the stricter or the more lenient standard. That is, it's inconsistent to fault Cruise for speaking on psychology without a doctorate AND to not fault Bono for speaking on development economics without a doctorate.

Paul McLellan writes:

It's not prime-time TV, but see Bono get mcoked here in (of all places) the left-wing Guardian in the UK.,,1778683,00.html

Ray writes:

Perhaps if Cruise were to campaign for public approval as Bono does. . .

FC writes:

All the Law & Order shows tend to reflect the worldview of its producers and writers. Psychotherapy has been popular in showbiz circles for many decades. (David O. Selznick's own experience as an analysand led him to make "Spellbound.")

When the detectives and prosecutors on a L&O show can't figure out a suspect or witness, they usually call a forensic psychologist who then provides a quick, accurate and confident analysis.

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