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Don Boudreaux writes (you'll need to scroll down if you follow the link),

Arnold Kling is as well-credentialed and technically skilled as any economist. He has a knack for using metaphors and analogies effectively; his sentence construction is clear; he assiduously avoids jargon; and he’s interested in relevant topics.

Learning Economics is a collection of 57 essays—each about the length of an op-ed—on public-policy topics ranging from health care to education to stock prices. The engaged reader will learn, up-close and clearly, just how a master economist uses the economic way of thinking in ways that matter most.

My father, who is only a slightly less unbiased critic, says something similar. He found my latest book, Crisis of Abundance, very understandable.

I hope that my writing is clear. It would be fine if that is my comparative advantage. I think that at the Capitol Hill event on the Massachusetts health plan, my talk was reasonably clear (I was better spoken than usual). If you click on the real-video link, you can decide for yourself (I appear in the last 10 minutes).

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Ajay writes:

I just watched the whole Cato video and Arnold was by far the best speaker. I suggest that anyone else interested in the event just skip to the end and watch his speech alone. The others were just bloviating, especially the first guy, Ron Pollack. I got the feeling that that was par for the course in that environment.

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