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The deadline for George Mason University's famous Public Choice Outreach Seminar, July 6-9, has been extended to May 19. Attendees get $250 toward travel expenses, room and board, and the chance to listen to many of the leading scholars in political economy.

I'll be lecturing too.

As an added benefit, there's a distinct possibility we'll informally study advanced experimental game theory during off-times - heard of Diplomacy or Kremlin?

Click here for an application.

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asg writes:

For negotiation nastiness, I recommend "Intrige" ( Just as much wheeling, dealing, and backstabbing as in Diplomacy, but takes a fraction of the time to play. "Quo Vadis" ( would also be a perfect game for a public choice seminar. It too has the virtue of brevity, taking no more than an hour to play.

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