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I just found out that Milton Friedman's great-grandson Tovar Miles Friedman was born pre-maturely last year, but is now doing well. His story brought me from pity to joy in minutes. Now that you know that things work out, you should be able to skip straight to joy. I've never met his parents, but their story still makes my day.

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Wild Pegasus writes:

I don't get the shirtless wedding.

- Josh

Robert Schwartz writes:

What bothers me is that I knew David Friedman when I was an undergraduate -- and now he is a grandfather.

I didn't think I was that old.

Patri Friedman writes:

Josh - your lack of appreciation for my hawtness is quite saddening.

Robert - Heck, I knew me when I was in Kindergarten, and now I'm a dad! I didn't think I was that old.

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