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Greg Mankiw's posted a short class autobio. Highlight:

My parents made what must have been a significant financial sacrifice for them to send me to a good private school, where most of the other kids were from families higher up the socioeconomic ladder (doctors, lawyers, etc). Being reasonably successful at that school got me into Princeton (and also Yale, Stanford, and MIT, but not, alas, my first choice, Harvard, which wait-listed me).

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jaimito writes:

How funny that Prof. Gregory Mankiw, chief ideologue of contemporary American capitalism (should the position exist), is trying to pass as proletarian.

My four grandparents immigrated to the United States from Ukraine almost a century ago. None of them had more than a fourth-grade education
You would think that his class roots are in the feudal quasi-slave peasantry of the Romanov empire.

I bet he comes from a highly cultured middle class milieau, with many books at home, and his elders performed typical middle class economic functions as merchants and tradesmen.

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