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From the 1970's, a great half-hour interview.

Thanks to Robert Lawson for the pointer.

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Drew writes:

Milton Friedman's entire series Free to Choose is also now on google.

Matt writes:

In my opinion, he is wrong about flat taxes.

Matt writes:

Let me expand.

Milton claims the an economy which is 40% government is too much government, and his theory of government stops there. One cannot be a good economist unless one can explain 40% of the economy.

Since he as no real theory of why we have so much government, one might start by applying a private sector economic theory to government and see if that helps. What Milton says is that we need lower taxes and lower spending. As a first shot at explaining goverment, that proposal runs counter to supply and demand. Somethings wrong.

Steve writes:

The clip is depressingly timely.

William writes:

Perhaps Milton should read more of John Meynard Keynes and his Treatise on Probability.

Milton claimed, in the interview, the United States is heading the way of the totalitarian regimes of Great Britain and Chile. Keynes stated in Treastise the future is uncertain, and there are some things in life "....we just do not know [sic]".


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