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Mankiw's dogs Tobin and Keynes just got a playmate... a bulldog named Caplan.

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Mark Horn writes:

I'd comment on Mr Mangan's blog, but he doesn't enable comments. So it gets to go here.

My own personal answer as to why I don't concentrate on Mexico's responsibility to it's citizens is because I don't think government's role should be so involved in people's lives that it's responsible for their welfare. With sufficient freedom, we should be responsible for our own welfare. Empowering either the Mexican or American government with the welfare of its citizenry is too much government power.

My question for Mr Mangan would be this: why is immigration not a problem across the border between New York & New Jersey, but it is a problem between Texas and Mexico? What is the difference? Why is the difference significant? It seems to me that enabling free immigration between New York and New Jerseys better economic prosperity for all the members of both states. Why isn't this true when you switch in Mexico?

jaimito writes:

Lets settle this idiotic debate on immigration.

Low IQ immigrants dont compete with native high IQ population, so they pose no menace to them and they benefit them in variegated ways.

Low IQ immigrants do compete with native low IQ people. Where locals are protected by unions, guilds, trade licencing barriers, tenure, color segregation, language proficiency exams, etc. - immigrants are tolerable. But unprotected natives will be much hurt by immigrants.

As discovered by Marx, your position in production defines your superstructure opinions or whatever.

carl marks writes:

just a few problems with his post.
1. The US could not be filled up 10 times over, no matter how large the number of refugees. There are really only a couple people on the east and west coast, and some farms in between, so this obvious exaggeration about the country overflowing is not accurate and makes his other comments less authoritative.
2. Has he ever heard of the division of labor and increased productivity with more economic freedom. More open borders allows people to better persue their comparitive advantage and to increase their specialization, and coming to the US will allow them to do this with less restrictions.

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