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Walter Antoniotti has compiled a big list of free online textbooks in economics, business, statistics, etc.

I glanced at one of the economics sites, Cybereconomics by Robert E. Schenk, and it looked quite good. I also liked the Quick Notes on Statistics.

Also, at the Institute for Humane Studies course, a student from Carnegie-Mellon recommended that university's open courseware. Unlike MIT's, there is some genuinely well-thought out interactive material there. I liked Introduction to Statistics quite a bit. The CMU economics intro was oriented around experiments, which might appeal to some people more than others.

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Rebecca Clayton writes:

I took the Intro to Economics class as a freshman at CMU. The workbooks in the online courseware are very similar to the experiments that we did in class. Everyone in class participated in the experiments; doing well in the experiment required knowledge of the economics principles behind the experiment as well as a little luck/bargaining skills. Those students who performed the best in each experiment won prizes. I liked the course (and the experiments) so much that I did my humanities concentration in economics and was a TA for the course as a senior. (And, as you can see, I read academic economics blogs despite the fact that my career in computer science has little to do with academic economics.) It wasn't until I was a graduate student with many years of coursework under my belt that I realized: (a) just how much work the professor had put into making the course interactive, interesting, and challenging, and (b) I should have taken advantage of the professor's offer to have lunch with his students. He was a really neat guy.

ben writes: has a list of text books (some online) some of which relate to economics, all of which relate to game theory

Igor writes:

Here's something worth a visit:

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