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The Lamentable Teddy Roosevelt

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Time has put Teddy Roosevelt on the cover of its 5th Annual Special Issue, and the coverage stretches the limits of sycophancy. It reminds me of my high school history textbook, which praised any President who backed new regulations or started a war.

I wish Rothbard's lectures on Teddy Roosevelt as the pioneer of the "welfare-warfare state" were available to provide an antidote. Unfortunately, audio of his full course on American economic history from the Civil War to the present - which I've heard on old-fashioned tapes in its entirely at least ten times - now appears to be unavailable. The best substitutes I could find for Rothbard's lectures on Roosevelt are here, here, and here.

P.S. If you know a URL where readers can listen to Rothbard's lectures on Roosevelt, please post it. :-)

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Nathan Smith writes:

For some reason, people are attracted to strong leadership. What are you going to do?

jeffrey tucker writes:

Bryan, we have reel-to-reel tapes that we've been converting to .wav files.

We are missing tape #1 but we have

The Rise of Big Business: The Failure of Trusts and Cartels (110 minutes)
The Progressive Era Triple Alliance: Government as Cartelizer (156)
The Inflationary Boom of the 1920s (132)
The New Deal and the Post-War International Money System (85)
The Future of Libertarianism

Is this the series? Where did you file cassettes?

Zagreb writes:

Jeffrey, where can I download/listen to those wavs?

jeffrey tucker writes:

Sorry, we haven't put them up yet. Getting there...

chris writes:
here is an audio on Teddy. Might not be what you are looking for, but it is a good listen anyways.

John writes:

He, Theodore Roosevelt, like any other big mouth, shoots himself in the intellectual foot. i.e. - His saying that Thomas Paine was a "dirty little atheist" shows how ignorant he was. Paine was neither dirty, little (in stature), or an atheist.

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