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Sally Pipes writes,

For a fresh analysis of health care, people ought to look to economist Arnold Kling’s new book, Crisis of Abundance. Although it offers no easy villain-versus-hero narrative or solution to the challenges of funding health care, it diagnoses the problem with precision.

Also, if your idea of television is TV, instead of the Internet, then you can watch a tape of the Cato event on my book on C-span 2's Book TV.

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Grzesiek writes:

I just finished watching your talk on C-SPAN. Other than you looking nervous, which I would be too, you did a fantastic job of framing your arguments. I too am reading your book (library loan, looking to buy) and find it quite interesting.

The first doctor seemed very aggressive when it came to expressing his feelings on the relationship between tort reform and cost. He claimed that you did not mention malpractice insurance on camera, but I am glad you mentioned that the issue of malpractice is covered in your book.

Your doctor never heard of Bayes' Theorem? Maybe doctors are not required to take math classes in undergraduate coursework? :')

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