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I Bargained with a Dentist

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Today I successfully bargained down my dentist. In the end, I got 20% off the price of a service I really didn't want in the first place. (Why was I there in the first place? The service I didn't want was bundled with one I did).

So why did I bother bargaining? You know the answer: The overpriced service was not covered by insurance.

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Buce writes:

Dentists are the last entrepreneurs. They have fairly huge fixed costs, and a staff, and they have to generate cashflow by inflicting pain. Scratch a dentist, and you will find a guy whose father was a peddler or a grocer or a tailor. They know how to bargain fer sher.

vakil writes:

Well, would you bargain if it was not overpriced? The problem with medical, legal and dental fields is the lack of transparency on pricing.

Allen writes:

I'm suprised that more people don't do this.

I'm not saying I'd want more laws. But given how heavily regulated health care is I'm suprised they can charge more for a non-insured patients than insured patients for the same service.

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