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Tyler points to this post giving traffic rankings for economics blogs. Econlog was not included because our traffic logs are not public.

Our unique visitors, apart from robots (such as search engines combing the Web), averaged 4762 per day for the month of August. As I read it, that puts us about fourth, behind Tyler, QandO, and Greg Mankiw. But I'll be we're also behind Asymmetrical Information (Jane Galt) and Brad DeLong, who also don't have public traffic stats.

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Gabriel M. writes:

The race is close because most people publish the same things... or link to each other a lot. I wish there were more posts about serious, current research, instead of, let's say, more applications of utility maximization to teen oral sex. ;-)

sa writes:

i think the content on the econ blogs is quite good as of now. there has to be a balance of serious+fun post to keep the non-academic reader coming back.

David N. Welton writes:

This non-accademic reader is interested in 'serious research', translated into English, perhaps accompanied, if it's not obvious, by some ideas about potential applications.

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