Bryan Caplan  

Spotted in a Fairfax Parking Lot

Learning from Experience... Cities and Educated Elites...

A caricature of hypocrisy: Overweight, middle-aged man in a Che Guevara t-shirt, talking on a cell-phone in his illegally-parked BMW.

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Ned Ilincic writes:

I know: he beat up some kid and took away his t-shirt as a trophy! :-)

Ioannis writes:

Driving around a college town, I found myself behind a Jeep Grand Cherokee with the charmingly obnoxious tailgate/rear windshield full of bumper stickers. F-W, Go Vegan, etc.

My favorite was "SUVs Suck". On the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The irony... the horrible irony....

Barkley Rosser writes:

Hypocritical? Heck, he was illegally parked, clearly a revolutionary against the political-social-economic order!

shecky writes:

One of these days when I win the lottery, I'll buy a real Humvee, and put a "SUVs Suck" sticker on the bumper. I'll leave the Che mural for my Bentley.

I'll be the one taking up two parking spaces at Walmart.


Mike writes:

Bryan, you can counterprogram with a Communism killed 100 million people and all I got was a lousy T-shirt shirt, which includes a small Che logo.

triticale writes:

I remember driving my pickup truck behind an old beater Chevy with a "Technology Sucks" bumper sticker and a large aftermarket digital clock on the dashboard. I really wanted to run them off the road and relieve them of that bit of technology so that they wouldn't be subjected to its suckage.

ed writes:

Mike, that's a good t-shirt, but my favorite is this one.

liberty writes:


I love it! I have the "Commies aren't cool" one, but I gotta buy that one too. I love wearing it and seeing someone wearing a Che shirt. I saw a (probably freshmen) girl on campus wearing a Che shirt at the gym, I figured I'd see her again, so a couple days later I wore mine, the look on her face was hilarious.

Brandon Berg writes:

My favorite was "SUVs Suck". On the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The irony... the horrible irony....

I would assume that that was as-yet-undetected vandalism, not hypocrisy.

Kelli writes:

When I lived and worked in DC, my favorite was when the protests against IMF, Worldbank, and everyone else on K Street would include a bunch of teenagers in their designer "protestwear" feeding the meter next to their BMWs while balancing their Starbucks lattes. I think social concern was motivated more by getting out of class than anything else. Also, if they did give into the thrill of inciting riots and getting arrested, their daddies would buy/bully their way out of the legal system leaving a clean record for acceptance into whatever Ivy League is fashionable at the time.

Clearly, this guy is in the same league. Protest enough to be fashionable but not so much that you don't fit in the McMansion neighborhoods of NoVa.

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