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I'm in love with the jacket for my book - coming in April, 2007.


Kudos for the Princeton University Press art department.

Leave it to Robin Hanson, of course, to point out that the jacket is more optimistic than the contents. After all, if voters were sheep, the whole herd might converge on the truth!

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The author at Cafe Hayek in a related article titled Stampeded by Sheep writes:
    I've looked forward to the publication of few books with as much enthusiasm as I am now looking forward to the publication of Bryan Caplan's The Myth of the Rational Voter. It's due out from Princeton University Press in April [Tracked on October 15, 2006 6:06 AM]
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Jason Briggeman writes:

The sheep appear oddly determined. Maybe it's because they've been told that Every Vote Counts...

dearieme writes:

Flock! They're not a herd but a flock.

Randy Yniguez writes:

I thought flocks were for seagulls.


Randy writes:

Great cover. They do seem a bit militant though, don't they.

Sinclair Davidson writes:

Great Cover! Which one's you? :)

John writes:

People? You mean Sheeple.

-GWB in the latest South Park episode.

Cover looks great. Can't wait to read it.

Dr. Tensor writes:

Intriguing. I love the sheeple.

Is there some sort of subliminal message I'm missing here? =D

Dr. Tensor writes:

I wonder how lemmings would have looked like?

Dennis Mangan writes:

I'm sure it will be number 2,363,545 on Amazon in no time.

David writes:

"After all, if voters were sheep, the whole herd might converge on the truth!"

Here's the problem. You just have to know how to talk to these sheep. Economists need to try this one:

"Baa ram ewe,
to your sheep,
your fleece,
your clan be true,
ba ram ewe."

Steve Sailer writes:

Looks good!

Eric H writes:

What is it that they say about locking 1,000 sheep in an voting booth for 1,000 years? They might elect Shakespeare, or something to that effect?

eric writes:

No black sheep?! What subliminal message does that imply? Black people don't count? Rare ideas don't count? White wool is better because it can be dyed black, but not vice versa?

dearieme writes:

eric, if they are cloned - like Dolly - none can be black: perhaps that's the subliminal message?

giovanni writes:

Sorry, but I don't like the cover. I'd like a cover that calmly makes an intelligent point rather than a cover that bludgeons you with a very simple point. Everyone knows about irrational voters, bad policies, and obvious flaws in our democratic system. We don't need such an obnoxious picture to convey that point.

Zac writes:

Everyone knows about irrational voters? And the flaws of democracy?

Why, Bryan, according to the last commenter your educational mission is practically complete! Who knew?

Great cover.

bob writes:

Bad policies relative to what? What non-democratic alternative is the model according to which democracies should be judged? Are there any historical examples of such a model? Economists are always lecturing people about opportunity costs. What alternative is there?

Patrick Carver writes:

If I were a rancher, I would be awfully worried if my sheep gathered together with that expression on their faces.

Dr Anjan Chatterjee writes:

Excellent- But where's the herdsman? You can replace this flock with spineless jellyfish in case of banana republics. yes thats becoz banana republics too conduct elections and the dictator rigs to win these hands down!

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