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This was bound to happen.

Her 13-year-old daughter, Taylor, is one of 1,100 Americans enrolled in Bangalore-based TutorVista, which launched U.S. services last November with a staff of 150 "e-tutors" mostly in India with a fee of $100 a month for unlimited hours.

Give me an army of tutors, and with this web site, I could teach every AP statistics class in the country. (I'd have to do more work on the site, but you get the idea.)

Thanks to Mark Steckbeck for the pointer.

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Brad Hutchings writes:

Skype + Screen Sharing = All you need. You can get the screen sharing part for free from my web site, Mac or Windows. The technology isn't rocket science. But can you put together a business that works for the customers (i.e parents). That's the challenge.

Omer K writes:

I feel a pleasant sense of vengence against the bloated 'educational' system's soon to be demise :D

joe shropshire writes:

When is your next class starting?

tiffany writes:

I feel as if the US education system takes this as a slap in the face. Although, teachers now days just want the kids to meet the requirements. It does not matter if students LEARN the material or if they only MEMORIZE it. They only want the work completed. When I was in high school, teachers believed i should already know certain things and when i did not they expected me to figure it out on my own. The US educational system tries to push too much on a student at too young of an age. Having the opportunity to receive tutoring at a financially reasonable price can only benefit. In the long run these students will build a better understanding of the concept they are having difficulty with. Therefore, the future generations will have a better grasp on these topics then they would have if they never received the tutoring at all.

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