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Tower Records Going Out of Business... For Real

Phelps and the Nobel... I Distrust Robert Putnam...

I'm not sure that I've ever been really sad to see a store go out of business. Until today, when I saw the signs up at Tower Records. What is there to do except listen to Morrissey (or maybe Götterdämmerung)?

Well, it doesn't hurt so much when I remember the good old days...

Finding refuge from parents and school alike in the sound-proofed Classical section in Northridge...

Buying Haitink's complete Die Walküre for high school graduation, and listening to it for the first time, alone in my room at 1 AM...

Buying Jochum's complete set of Brucker's symphonies at Tyson's Corner to celebrate getting hired at GMU.

Good times.

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anon writes:

Wal-Mart drove them out of business. Three cheers for capitalism!

Scott Scheule writes:

A wonderful store--I've never found a better classical section in any store. I suppose part of the pain of believing in freedom is accepting that some people will make choices you don't approve of--or not appreciating the things that are worth appreciating.

Still, there probably remain plenty of online sites with great classical inventories.

Somehow, the pairing of Ayn Rand fondness and grandiose musical Romanticism seems natural.

Myself, I prefer Debussy and Marquez.

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