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Essay Contests: Worth the Risk

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Professors don't get paid for good essays, but students do! The truth about essay contests is that the number of submissions is usually absurdly low considering the size of the prizes and the opportunity cost of students' time.

Your latest chance to strike it rich: The essay contest of the Association for Private Enterprise Education. Don't be too scared - or too lazy - to throw the dice!

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Omer K writes:

Id rather hire someone to write the essay for me and give him a third of the prize money =P

Tim Worstall writes:

What has annoyed me for years is that by the time I'd actually learned to write resonably I was too old for all of these competitions.

Tim Worstall writes:

Of course, by the time I'd learnt to write reasonably I'd also forgotten how to spell. Sigh.

Genevieve writes:

The opportunity costs are even lower when one realizes that a particular topic allows one to recycle portions of a paper from another class, and that the paper can be recycled yet again for an Econ 415 class.

Thanks for the tip!

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