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Hail the Victorious Dead

Milton Friedman... So Larry Summers was Right?...

Milton Friedman's sad passing reminds me of King Theoden's last words in The Return of the King:

You have to let me go. I go to my fathers, in whose mighty company I shall not now feel ashamed.

...and makes me very glad that I ran after him so he'd autograph my copy of Capitalism and Freedom.

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You are such a geek.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;)

Dr. Tensor writes:

Kling beat you to punch Caplan.

Which can mean only one thing: Arnold is better than you! pppphhhbbbttttt :P

Daniel Klein writes:

Cool that Bryan alludes to King Theoden, but the words don't really fit Milton's passing. Unlike the case with Theoden, with Milton there was never any doubt about his gloriously place alongside the forefathers.

Arnold Kriegbaum writes:

I enjoyed your little aside on running after Sir Milton once to have him sign your copy of his book. It hit me in a new way that a free person living in an a free world is actually expected to know more about themselves and then actually live based on that knowledge.

My father (who introduced me to FREE TO CHOOSE when I was in jr. high school back in the seventies)and I have been having a lot of discussions about economics (hey, common groung is common ground)and how economics gained traction when it moved beyond the realm of mathematics. Humand behavior in markets is about... desire. Just like your actually knowing that you really did want to risk something and get your book signed.

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