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No, it's not an article in a top econ journal, it's the season finale of Dexter. It's permeated by the best of economics, philosophy, and psychology, with plotting worthy of Victor Hugo. If Immanuel Kant came back from the dead, learned writing style from George Orwell, and resolved to answer Ayn Rand on cable t.v., he would have written this show.

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fffff writes:

The actuaries at my work are always talking about this show. I'll check it out if it's released on DVD.

Brad Hutchings writes:

ffffff- If you have premium cable, you can catch the whole season on Showtime on Demand.

The thing I absolutely loved about the story was that it pitted Dexter's responsibility to his biological kin against his responsibility to the sister he grew up with in a way that made him choose definitively, and he chose his sister. How against the grain of pop culture is that? Despite The Eagles early 90's screed "Get Over It", apparently nobody did, and all adopted kids were supposed to find their birth parents and have wonderful relationships with them that they couldn't get from adopted parents. Dexter resolves two decades of this nauseating meme in the final 10 minutes. And does it despite the claim that his bio brother might reasonably have on wanting to reconnect with Dexter.

But then, you're still left with a single traumatic event determining the lives of two brothers. Yeah, we make big choices when we must, but we're still moist robots. Can't wait for next season!

RyanG writes:

FYI: Dexter is actually based on a novel

dan writes:

Bahahahahaha. An economist enjoying a show about a sociopath. Bahahaaaaahahaa.

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