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"Jewish Media" Proves Extremely Fair

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Director Mel Gibson's infamous anti-semitic rant notwithstanding, Apocalypto has gotten stellar reviews. It's practically straight out of The Onion.

P.S. Saw it last night. Amazing despite its simple linear plot. I think Mel's hate speech has cost him multiple Oscars.

P.P.S. In our lunch circle, Tyler is infamous for his fantastical movie overinterpretations. (Did you know that Signs is a Straussian defense of atheism?) Nevertheless, Tyler's take on Apocalypto as a pagan re-telling of the Passion is eye-opening. I'll be watching it again through this lens at the first opportunity.

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Thrasymachus writes:

Note how this "stellar" review kicks Gibson for his anti-Semitism, yet refer to his Christianity as "religious nutjobbery."

Tyler Cowen writes:

*Signs* is The Book of Job, but not atheism...

aaron writes:

My cousin saw it and said he thinks Mel just has a thing for torture, evident even in his choice of films going back before Lethal Weapon and Mad Max.

aaron writes:

Most apparent in his choosing What Women Want.

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