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Another Reason Why Reading Econ Blogs Is More Fun Than Vacation

Million Dollar Babies: Economi... Applying Douglass North, et...

If this doesn't make you laugh out loud, what will?

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The author at amcgltd in a related article titled Nerd Fight!!! writes:
    Well, this is definitely one way to protest a tenure decision: A professor who was denied tenure at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has vowed to start a hunger strike on February 5 outside the provost’s office. “I will... [Tracked on January 9, 2007 10:53 AM]
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jaim klein writes:

Is it working? I mean causing drama ("I am going to kill myself") may grant tenure at Harvard? On the other hand, please someone verify that Dr Sherley is really African. He sounds awfully like my uncle Shloyme.

Jo Esperanto writes:

Gandhi advised against the overuse of the hunger strike, for obvious reasons.

Snark writes:

December 6, 2005:

Many scientists who do not support human embryo research are afraid to speak out because of possible reprisals from powerful scientists who can affect grant success, publication acceptances, tenure promotion, and employment. - James Sherley

Credibility Check: Pass

Whether Dr. Sherley is granted tenure or not, he’ll be famous for having discovered an effective weight-loss program.

dearieme writes:

Some sad buggers look at economic blogs while on vacation.

Scott Johnson writes:

Sounds like one of those scary/unreasonable people I run into occasionally. Smart, but it's like talking to granite if you try to contradict them.

This can actually be very dangerous. My alma-mater U of Ark had a professor murdered by a PhD candidate. See:

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