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Daylight savings time is going to be longer this year. When I heard this, I started laughing about the following stupid question: "Will it be good for plants?"

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Robert Speirs writes:

And people wonder why the earth may be getting warmer, when we're getting a whole extra hour of daylight for a large part of the year!

Caliban Darklock writes:

At the initial Congressional debate over DST, one congressman argued that it was a bad idea because drapes would fade faster.

It cracks me up to see all these people who think that DST somehow compels the universe to obey different rules.

I don't really understand why we have DST. Why don't we simply institute a cultural standard that between this date and that date, normal work hours shift by an hour? Or two? Doesn't it seem stupid to make EVERYONE reset their clocks just so businesses don't have to print an extra sign? It seems to confuse people more than it helps.

I love it when people are thrown off to the point that they forget what DAY it is. WTF? It's an hour! It's not THAT big a change!

Steve writes:

Couldn't it have an effect on plants?

I have little to no botanical knowledge, but I have heard that there are better/worse times of day to water plants (and by time, I mean relative to the sun, not a clock). Something to do with fungus or mildew growing on wet plants?

Well, I have to manually water my plants, which I typically do when arriving home from work. Might this be a more/less optimal time for the plants health with extended DST?

cg writes:

Those that are botanically inclined I am sure know how to care for their plants despite the one hour time change.

Zach Phillips writes:

I can see how originally it was invented to increase the useful part of the day by making it light longer, but will there really be any positive impact to making it two months longer now? I'm just pissed off that my cellphone may show the wrong time for two months.

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