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Kidney Bleg

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Some of you may have read how Virginia Postrel became a kidney donor.

It turns out that we have a friend who needs a kidney. Soon. Anyone who has any ideas for helping to find a live donor is welcome to contact me at arnoldsk at us dot net.

I was turned down by her hospital's transplant service. Doctors consider my own kidneys to be suspect, although I they seem fine to me. This argument has been going on for close to 40 years.

Our friend's husband, whose blood type is A+, is willing to donate his kidney in exchange for a donor whose blood type is compatible with hers--O+ or B+. This "paired-donor" concept is not entirely well received in the transplant community.

Also, as you know, paying a donor for a kidney is a no-no. But to my knowledge, there is nothing wrong with offering to donate money to a charity of a donor's choice. I think we could raise a pretty decent sum for that.

Again, any suggestions are welcome.

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ks writes:

I can't understand why the government prohibits the voluntary sale of organs. "It is immoral to sell an organ" they say. What is the morality in allowing someone to die when a willing donor could be found for a price?

I am not a donor candidate but I would be willing to donate money to someone's charity of choice, please keep us informed.

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