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A Relic of Prohibition

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An enthusiast on the Pulp Hero discussion board provides some authentic flavor of the Prohibition Era: An official Medicinal Liquor prescription form.

It's funny to think that alcohol was once treated like medical marijuana.

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Kevin Nowell writes:

I wonder if, during the Prohibition, Tyler Cowen would have said Libertarians should just accept that Prohibition is here to stay and learn to accept package deals when they are package deals.

George writes:

Prohibition was much looser than current marijuana restrictions: you could brew your own beer and wine legally (though I don't think you could sell it). Even when it comes to distilled spirits, prohibition was looser on a practical level: growing your own marijuana requires a large dedicated space for months of time, while I imagine bathtub gin required just a bathtub and a day or so.

(-_-) writes:

First off, it wasn't legal to make one's own liqor. On hte subject of practicality, how practical was it? It was a complete failure in almost, if not all respects.

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