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Against Statistics... 300 and Freedom...

Quoth Patri Friedman:

Old definitions:

Liberals: Favor social freedoms, but not economic freedoms.
Conservatives: Favor economic freedoms, but not social freedoms.

New definitions:

Liberals: Believe in evolution, but not biology.
Conservatives: Believe in biology, but not evolution.

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Tom Myers writes:

It might be a good idea to replace "biology" with "genetic variability", both times.

talboito writes:

In other words:

Liberals believe in science, but aren't racists.
Conservatives are racists, but believe God made them that way (the races and themselves).

Fundamentalist writes:

talboito: "Conservatives are racists"

Where did that come from? How do you get "Conservatives are racists" from "Conservatives: Believe in biology, but not evolution?"

Tom West writes:

I *think* he means "racist = believer in significant race-based ability/behaviour differences".

Me, I'd stick with "racist = promulgator of race-based ability/behaviour differences", although that might be a bit unfair to those who *truly* believe that they aren't responsible for the consequences of what they say.

TGGP writes:

Even if our species did not have the population clusters that it does (for example, if in the future there is basically random mating for a long time), human-biodiversity would still be a fact of life ignored at our peril. Male vs female differences would also be far more difficult to eliminate.

Patri Friedman writes:

Tom - brevity is the soul of wit.

Bryan - glad someone appreciated the quip

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