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Should There Be Compulsory Attendance for the Balan-Hanson Debate?

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David Balan and Robin Hanson, two of the smartest voices on Overcoming Bias, are having a debate on Paternalism this Wednesday evening at GMU. The title: "Paternalistic Policy: Altruism or Arrogance?"

Given that this debate will resolve this important question for all time, I have to ask: Should everyone in the region be required to attend?

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jcolter writes:

A debate at 6:00 in the evening? That makes it pretty much impossible for those working in the district to attend. If it were at all feasible I would certainly go.

So maybe the solution is to force my entire office to attend.

Phil writes:

If everyone *anywhere* is required to attend, and expenses are paid ... I'm there!

Ajay writes:

How paternalistic of you! Clearly you're on Balan's side.

mobile writes:

Forcing everyone to attend would be counterproductive. It would only create a black market in alternative Wednesday evening activities. I think the children would lose out the most.

David writes:

I would suggest that it be compulsory for those nearby whom are the subjects of this debate.

David writes:

Bah, that should be who, not whom.

Zachary Skaggs writes:

Ack! Arg! Would definitely love to see this (and the rest of the GMU econ staff in hot debate action), but prior plans dictate. Sooner notice next time?

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