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A Headline Tells the Single-Payer Story

Scrooge and the Junker Fallacy... I am Not as Turned On...

From the Hartford (Ct.) Courant:

Universal Care Might Cost State Almost $18 Billion; Proposal Seen As Dead

Later in the story, a spokesman for the state's governor is quoted.

"If 6 percent of the people need health insurance, the program should be focused on those 6 percent," Cooper said.

The Left would like to blame people like Michael Cannon and me for the fact that we do not have single-payer health insurance. However, I take no credit. The idea of single-payer health insurance is self-discrediting.

Thanks to Mike Feehan for the pointer.

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The author at InsureBlog in a related article titled Connecticut’s “universal” health insurance plan writes:
    Without a cost affixed – they liked it? And that was only one month ago??? Say, how did those 12 Humpty-Dumpties ever get on the insurance committee? Better not tell you now. [Tracked on April 21, 2007 1:45 PM]
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caveat bettor writes:

Thanks for staying with this issue. Persistence is a powerful force!

Ning writes:

And yet single payer countries have better health care for less cost per capita than what the US has. Curious, that.

Michael E Sullivan writes:

It was astounding to read that story and the quotes from people who said things like "The enormity of the cost was a shock!" These are my legislators, and they were probably dithering about this while I was in the building the other day discussing a bid.

I must be some kind of mutant, because I cannot *imagine* being a legislator and voting on this topic in committee without first doing a back of the envelope calculation on the cost. "Hmm. 3.5 million people in the state, about .5mil on medicare already -- insurance for pretty average (39yo) me costs around 3-4000 a year depending on the coverage -- that's 9-12 billion. Is that remotely feasible? That would almost double the state budget? hmmm.. maybe we should just be looking at means-tested vouchers for people who don't have employer coverage."

How innumerate and/or knee-jerked do our legislators have to be that they never take 30 seconds to think about the math before sending it off the the budget office to prepare a plan?

asg writes:

And yet single payer countries have better health care for less cost per capita than what the US has. Curious, that.

Curious how people assert this completely apples-and-oranges comparison, often with no attribution or reference, as if it's a debate-ender, you mean?

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