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Most Bizarre Sentence Ever?

Taking Out the Competition... The Efficient Markets Hypothes...

From Brad DeLong:

I don't know what I am going to say. I'm tempted to try a comparison of four intellectuals at four different moments in western print-culture: William of Occam, Niccolo Machiavelli, Adam Smith, and Tyler Cowen.

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Looks like he's been banging his head against the wall again.

Barkley Rosser writes:

What it means is that in a debate, Tyler will use a Smithian advocac of free markets to cut Macchiavelli's cynicism with an Occam's razor.

Arnold Kling writes:

I see Brad as perhaps saying he will tie together culture with the form and content of written expression. Neil Postman used to do that sort of thing. Postman always denigrated 20th-century media/content in favor of Enlightenment-era equivalents.

dearieme writes:

I'll ignore the elephant in the room, but can't resist wondering at the use of "at four different moments in western print-culture" to include two people who existed before western print-culture. Was Mr DeRound tired?

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