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Myth of the Rational Voter Now Physically Exists

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My book now physically exists. I held it in my hands. But never fear, there's still time to pre-order.

Why not go ahead? Even if you hate the book, the cover alone is worth the price of admission. :-)

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Jay McCarthy writes:

AWESOME cover!

dearieme writes:


Paul writes:

I can't help but think the sheep would look better in hats, for some reason.

Bill Conerly writes:

Your next book should explain why the publishing industry takes so (*&^%$! long to produce a book. (Mine comes out next month; I envy you actually having a copy in your hands.)

TGGP writes:

I can't wait for it. People have remarked that those determined sheep on your cover look rather frightening, but Michael Blowhard pointed out some even scarier sheep here

Lord writes:

Physically exists - that's so.. so.. 20th century.

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