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This summer, I'll be giving my first series of IHS Liberty and Society lectures. The seminar is at Wake Forest University, June 2-8.

The bad news: The application deadline is over.

The good news: You can still email conference organizer John Thrasher to get wait listed. Just them him who you are and why you want to attend. If there's extra room, we may yet get a chance to talk econ until 3 AM - and listen to a philosophy lecture at 9 the next morning.

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Amol writes:

Excellent! I'm attending the Wake Forest seminary and look forward to seeing you there!

Amol writes:

I meant *seminar*, not seminary.

B.S. writes:

I think you should try to be a guest speaker for the "Advanced Studies in Freedom" seminar at Loyola from July 7-13. That is the one I'm attending, and would love to meet you there.

Micha Ghertner writes:

I second B.S.'s recommendation. The Loyola seminar is where it's at, yo!

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