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My co-author Ed Stringham has a nice op-ed on prosecutorial abuse and private law in today's Washington Times. Check it out.

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Daublin writes:

Rape is a bad example. Private arbitration seems to have a lot to say for it, but doing it well seems to require that the participants agree on arbitration terms before entering an agreement. For basic force-prevention issues like rape, I don't see how you could set up a private market.

R. Richard Schweitzer writes:

Yes, prosecutorial abuse is the greatest danger to personal freedom in the U.S.

But, did you read on that he purports that Duke University would have provided "better" private justice.

Really, is he aware of the facts about that faculty, and those Trustees? How did they respond publicly to the original accusations?

No justice at that source!

Barkley Rosser writes:

Ed is getting further and further out there. Not only has he called Milton Friedman a "communist," but I understand that recently while speaking at the Ludwig von Mises Institute at Auburn U., he called both Friedrich Hayek and (gasp!) Ludwig von Mises himself communists. I have heard of this faction that says that Hayek was a social democrat, which is a case that can be made up to a point. But, Mises???

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