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Here's me on the BBC's "Thinking Allowed." Just skip ahead about two minutes to get started.

I stumbled at the beginning, and I'm still kicking myself for it, but at least it was a learning experience. Hopefully I'll be posting a lot of podcasts, and you'll get to witness my gradual metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly of the airwaves.


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Hollywood_Freaks writes:

It was very interesting, and the stumble was pretty minor I thought. I look forward to reading your book this summer; that interview moved it up on my list from number 3 to 2.

Carl Marks writes:

Tough interview, you seemed to be put on the defensive for most of it.
One comment for the next round: instead of using the phrase "let the markets decide," "let individuals on the market decide" seems to be more appropriate, as only individuals act.

Nacim writes:

If Satan was to create a media player, it would be Real Player.

Bruce G Charlton writes:

I listened live here in the UK, and my main piece of advice is - for a British audience you need to lighten-up.

As you know, the British are permanently ironic, and your interviewer Laurie Taylor is an expert in this mode of light, bantering conversation.

By contrast (in my opinion) you came across as too earnest, a bit long-winded, and a bit lacking in self-deprecating humour (ie. unlike your persona as a blogger).

So - for British audiences - shorter sentences and paragraphs, lighter tone of voice, single examples, and self-deprecation.

Bill writes:

If Satan was to create a media player, it would be Real Player.

So true. I'd really like to listen to the interview, but I refuse to install that garbage software on my machine again. Even after uninstalling it, it leaves "hidden" software behind. It took me quite awhile to rid my machine of that Real Player demon spawn.

RWP writes:

I agree, I won't listen to this because it is in Real format. Too bad.

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