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Here's the podcast of my 40-minute Saturday interview with David Strom on Minneapolis's WWTC. Self-evaluation: Good performance by me thanks to a sympathetic host.

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Alex J. writes:

Link is broken.

[Fixed it. Thanks for the alert.--Econlib Ed.]

BravoZulu writes:

Bryan, you were great. Too bad the interviewer wasn't better....

David Strom writes:

Yeah that interviewer guy SUCKED eggs! And what is with the laugh? Every third utterance is a laugh.

If only every host were Rush Limbaugh and Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager the world would be a better place.


Bryan was a great guest and has done as much as anyone to make economics accessible to the masses (present company excluded, Arnold). Keep up the great work!

John Pertz writes:

Brian, as a libertarian did you not feel a bit out of place on that modern right wing talk show? What a bizarre marriage that the right has created between its love of war and its love of free markets. How about the hosts ramblings about Strauss? Also, the overtly political paranoia callers were classic. What was up with that one guy talking about marshal law and corporations saying the pledge? If anything that call in show simply reinforced the thesis of your book, those callers were not merely irrational they bordered on psychotic.

David Strom writes:

John is clearly a great and sympathetic listener.

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