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Drum Roll Please...

A Sitdown with The Godfathe... Four Types of Capitalism...

I've got an op-ed based on my book in today's Wall St. Journal!

You'll soon see me at Wegmans buying a stack of ten copies.

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Tim Lundeen writes:

Congrats! Good article.

steve writes:

Thoma has an opinion on your article as well. You should keep him in check. :)

Thoma doesn't understand the difference between irrationality and ignorance. Maybe you should rewrite your article for him.

Tim Worstall writes:

The PR department for your book is working overtime. Well done them, there'll be a few reviews turning up here and there when I get my copy.

bee writes:

Thoma fancies himself as brilliant but only parrots liberal economists who other fancy a brilliant

Laurent GUERBY writes:

"Behind every policy that does more harm than good, there's a special interest that favors it anyway."

What about intellectual property? Kills millions of people every year, prevent progress of art and science worldwide.

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